SyncServer S600/S650 version 3.1 is now released and shipping!

As a refresher, here’s what’s new in version 3.1:

•New SyncServer Hardware features
o Timing I/O Modules with T1/E1, HaveQuick/PTTI, Fiber I/O for S650
o Galileo support for S600 and S650

•New Software Features
o PTP Power Profile support added to the PTP Output Option
o New Time Triggered Programmable Pulse Output option
o NTP monitoring and logging
o PTP slave lists
o Local time out over IRIG outputs
o QZSS support
o Many new standard features!

Here’s what you need to know now…

New software for download:
•SyncServer version 3.1 is on the portal available for download and installation by customers on Software Support.
•The associated v3.1 auth.dat file also includes all the serial numbers for channel partner owned demo units. You can download v3.1 and update your units anytime.

Here’s what you need to know now…

New datasheets and web pages online now:
•All SyncServer related datasheets and application notes have been reformatted to Microchip format and include the new 3.1 features. Be sure to download them.
•The SyncServer Options datasheet has the new options, but no longer has the antenna accessories information included.
•There is a new GNSS Antenna Options datasheet.
•The new GNSS-Over-Fiber antenna link is documented in the new GNSS Antenna Options datasheet.

On the portal:
•Updated price list with all new v3.1 related part numbers and prices.
•The online Configurator now includes all the new hardware and software options.
•Updated PowerPoint presentation that includes the new v3.1 options and features.
•Latest SyncServer User Guide.
•Version 3.1 System Release Notice (SRN) available. This is an excellent summary of all of the additions and changes in version 3.1.

Next step:
Check to see if there is a more current version available. The URLs, as documented in the User Guide, are:
If you click the link you will see the version is currently 2.2.5. We will be changing this to 3.1.1. Any SyncServer that checks the URL and see’s it at 3.1.1 may be set to notify the operator that a new version is available. The user may contact you for more information.

SyncServer version 3.1 further enhances the S600 and S650 appeal to an even wider audience, creates more opportunities for you to sell time servers to new customers, and helps migrate existing customers to the new SyncServer platform.

Download Microsemi S650 Product Page Download Microsemi S600 Product Page


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