Synchronised Clock System Solutions

Synchronised time keeps operations running smoothly in your facility, eliminating the needs for unnecessary maintenance. With TeleScience’s synchronised clocks, you’ll never have to worry about changing your clocks for Daylight Saving Time or during a power outage.

Partnering with the top providers in the field, TeleScience offers you an extensive range of synchronised timing solutions with reliable and customisable master clocks, wired systems, wireless systems, digital clocks, and analog clocks. At TeleScience, you can find a perfect solution for your timing system, with excellent consultation and support services. We warranty that. Contact us today to find out more.

Find The Precise, Synchronised Timekeeping System For Your Industry



Master Clocks

syncserver s650synchronised-clocks-2a
  • We offer Dedicated Master Clocks and Multi-Functional Master Clocks. Support many inputs and outputs:
    • Inputs: GPS, NTP/SNTP, Time Codes, Internal Oscillator
    • Outputs: NTP/SNTP, Time Codes, Wi-Fi, Wireless RF
  • Available in rack or wall mount
  • Easily interface with other clock systems
  • Collaborate with the Wired and Wireless Systems
  • Ability to set between 4 or 8 relays where you can program bells to ring
  • Built-in web interface that allows you to program the master clock from any Internet connection
  • Countdown feature for digital clocks to countdown between classes or breaks
  • Learn more: Network Time Server / NTP Server