KnowBe4 How Human Firewalls Maintain Trust

When you joined our organization, you joined a culture that views security awareness as a default mindset. In fact, regardless of job title, we all share the responsibility of being strong human firewalls—individuals who prioritize security and help prevent scammers and cyber criminals from harming our organization.

As a human firewall, you are trusted to uphold our policies, and ensure that confidential data stays confidential. For example, imagine you receive a phone call from our IT department. The caller claims that he needs to update your computer’s operating system with a critical security patch. He instructs you to visit a website you’ve never heard of and download an app that will allow him to upgrade your computer remotely. You, being the strong human firewall that you are, become immediately suspicious, recognize it is a scam, and hang up the phone.

Identifying and preventing social engineering attacks represent the first two steps towards maintaining trust (and, by extension, privacy). But your responsibilities don’t end there. Human firewalls also report incidents immediately. Timely reporting allows us to investigate what happened, how it happened, and warn others of the potential for similar attacks.

This loop of ‘identify, prevent, report’ is how we preserve the trust we establish with the individuals and business associates who give us their confidential information.

So when you receive an email, verify that it’s legitimate. If it appears to be a phishing email, alert management right away, and don’t click or respond to the sender. If you notice a secured area left unlocked, or an unfamiliar person hanging around, never assume everything is okay. Act! Strong human firewalls know that every incident, regardless of size or potential damage, deserves action.

Keep in mind that as a human firewall, you are our organization’s last line of defense. It’s your dedication to security that ensures our success. It’s also a responsibility that doesn’t end when you leave the office. Take your human firewall skills home with you! Scammers target families just as much as they target organizations.


KnowBe4 is the world’s most largest and popular integrated Security Awareness Training combined with Simulated Phishing attack platform, utilizing social engineering methods and strategies to conduct training. Founded in 2010, a US company located in Tama Bay, Florida with over 19,000 customers base across different sectors globally. Managing by CEO & employees of ex-antivirus experts and IT security Pros. KnowBe4 has been a winner of two consecutive Inc. 500 awards.

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