History & Milestones

Established in January 1990, TeleScience is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment and solutions provider in the telecoms & networking industry.



To date, Telescience has completed several million-dollar projects of various natures.

2011 Onwards
Supply of demarcation devices to Singtel for their MEF/MPLS network
Awarded a project by SingTel for pseudowire equipment for their carrier Ethernet network.
Awarded a project by SingTel for Digital Cross Connect equipment for installation in over 20 international cities.
Awarded multimillion Webscreen projects from TOT and CAT Thailand.
Awarded contract from Ericsson for SingTel 4G/LTE monitoring project.
Supply of data tapping and filtering devices to Ericsson and Polystar for SingTel mobile networks monitoring.
Awarded new contract for TDM over IP multiplexers by Huawei for SingTel MetroEthernet network.
2001 – 2010
Supply of telecoms equipment for Youth Olympic Games.
Supply of TDM to IP conversion products to StarHub.
Term contract to supply SingTel with MetroEthernet products.
Supply and commission of network time servers and ethernet extenders for Resort World of Singapore (RWS).
Supply and commission of 3G network monitoring tools to Ericsson, SingTel, M1.
Supply and commission of network time servers and clocks to Khoo Teck Puat hospital.
Supply of DWDM systems to Symphony Thailand.
Supply of SAN test tools to EMC, Seagate, Hitachi, IBM, DSI, etc.
Extended contract for supply of MetroEthernet equipment for SingTel Megapop services.
Supply of hydrogen maser tube to SPRING for national reference clock source and R&D purposes.
Supply of clocks and synchronisation system to Changi Airport Terminal 3.
Supply of DWDM equipment to Infineon.
Supply of FWBA (Pre-WiMax equipment) to Nasioncom & several other companies in Malaysia.
Awarded a contract by SingTel for a one year supply of managed Ethernet converters for carrier Ethernet services.
Supply of multiplexing and cross connect equipment supporting multimedia traffic via TDM and IP interfaces over wired and wireless transmission infrastructures to a Government Ministry.
Supply of metro ethernet equipment to Starhub and Singtel.
Supply of multiplexing and other transmission equipment to CET Technologies for Ministry of Defence.
2-Year supply and delivery of Ethernet-enabled ATM switches with network management system.
Awarded a 2 year term contract from Singapore Telecom to supply fibre optics access and back-up equipment with installation services.
Agent for Marconi Communications in a tender award from Singapore Telecom for STM 1/4/16 SDH Multiplexers.
Supply and commissioning of CISCO routers and switches to ST Electronics for LTA and SMRT projects.
Supply of fibre-optic modems to SCS Networks for MHA project.
1990 – 2000
Awarded a tender from Singapore Telecom for the supply of fibre-optic cables.
Supply of optical test equipment to Starhub (New telco carrier).
Supply of encryption and ISDN dial-Up backup equipment to the government hospitals EDI networks.
Agent for Marconi SpA in a tender award from Singapore Telecom for STM1/4/16 SDH multiplexers.
Awarded a tender from Singapore Telecom for the supply of fibre-optic cables.
Quality of service monitoring system for Singapore Telecom nationwide SS7/ISDN network.
Supply of fibre optics modems for installation at the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Supply of video switching hubs and fibre-optic modems to a government ministry network of video conferencing terminals.
Supply of data encryptors to Singapore Network Services.
Awarded a Cisco WAN project from Singapore Telecom using Cisco Model 4000 and Model 7000 with 28 WAN ports running on 2Mbps links.
Secured an Asia-Pacific WAN project for a regional sea-freight company operating in many countries.
Joint venture with Singapore Computer Systems, the region’s largest system integrator.
Secured a tender from Ngee Ann Polytechnic for a LAN. This was followed by another award in 1995.
Supply and installation of a WAN based network management system based on Unix operating system and TCP/IP and OSI protocols The network comprises of 33 Cisco routers with some file servers and X-terminals.
DigiNet tender contract extended to December 1995 (Gandalf).
Agent for Marconi SpA in a tender award from Singapore Telecom for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) multiplexers.
Awarded a project by Standard Chartered bank for high-speed multiplexers representing Gandalf.
Agent for Sprint International in a tender award from Singapore Telecom International for installation of a X.25 Public Data Network in Sri Lanka (DataNet).
Agent for Infotron Systems (later acquired by Gandalf) in winning a major tender award from Singapore Telecom for a nationwide Digital Network (Diginet).