High-Power PoE

The proliferation of Wi-Fi-based devices, together with the growing number of data-intensive mobile applications, has created an astounding demand for powerful wireless Wi-Fi access points, 3G/4G/5G small cells, and wireless back-haul equipment. These require fast and cost-effective installations, as well as secure, reliable power sources.

Physical threats continue to be a major concern for governments, industry, and consumers alike, in an increasingly connected world. Modern physical security systems must process large amounts of data and transform it into information that can help us identify and prevent threats. IP connectivity, either through wired Ethernet, WiFi, or HDBaseT, is increasingly common. Energy efficiency is another critical consideration, especially as security systems cover both indoor and outdoor venues.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology is widely adopted in wireless applications, it’s ubiquitous on WLAN access points, access control devices and security related accessories, such as audio systems. The technology is also excessively leveraged physical security applications, it’s ubiquitous on network surveillance cameras, audio systems and sensors.

Our Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) mid-spans address unique requirements of Wireless-LAN, Physical Security and other IP-based applications in indoor, outdoor and industrial environments. The new IEEE802.3bt standard delivers up to 90W enabling most enterprise devices to be powered by PoE. Our PoE systems are IEEE standards compliant, tested and approved by industry leading vendors and have millions of ports installed worldwide. We offer a complete product portfolio, from single-ports to 24-ports, indoor, outdoor and industrial rated, full-power on all-ports and lifetime warranty on all multi-port products. Microchip’s PoE systems offer significant differentiators and unique features, enabling you to succeed.

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